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Five Things Your Teen Likely Won’t Learn Through Drivers’ Education

Drivers’ Education can be valuable in learning the rules of the road and the basics of operating a car, but your teen likely won’t learn everything they need to know from it. In fact, many of the things you take for granted may not even be covered through drivers’ training. Here are some examples.

Basic Maintenance

While your teen may learn the maximum speed in a school zone, they may not learn how to keep the tires inflated to the proper level, how to check the oil or even how to fill the windshield washer fluid.

How to Change a Tire

It is more likely your teen will learn how to call the auto club before they will learn how to change a tire. Changing a flat tire is becoming a lost art that simply isn’t taught much anymore.

Map Reading

GPS has made map reading almost obsolete. Almost. Sure, it’s a talent left mainly to Dads, but there’s something appealing about seeing a full route on a paper map. We can all live without that refolding part though.

Driving in Poor Weather

Teens shouldn’t be exposed to driving in bad weather by accident. Getting them used to driving in heavy rain, ice or snow should be intentional. That rarely happens in a drivers’ education class. Parents should take the time to make sure their teens get some practice in poor driving conditions, as frightening as that may seem. They will be faced with the challenge eventually.

The Costs of Operating a Vehicle

Some of the bigger frustrations parents can have with teen drivers is the lack of understanding they may have about the full cost of operating a vehicle. Even if they understand how expensive buying a car can be and the recurring costs of keeping the tank full, few know about costs associated with oil changes, tires, brakes and other maintenance. Then, of course, you have the cost of insurance. Teens need to understand the full range of costs involved with driving, even if they don’t contribute to those expenses. This will fall on the shoulders of parents.

If you find yourself with a new teen driver, you will also likely find yourself faced with escalating car insurance costs. We encourage you to compare rates before making a decision. We can help. Our independent insurance agents can search a variety of companies through our network to find appropriate coverage for your situation. Contact us to get started today.

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